Back to Broadway - roaring success!

Our end of year shows, on the 27th May, were a huge success and we are so very proud of the talented bunch of youngsters who took to the stage for Addictedtodance. The comments from parents and the audience were lovely and really make it all worthwhile, to know that we entertained, we wowed and we impressed. That's what showbiz is all about! 

A note from Aisling:

As the curtains close on our 2023 production "Back To Broadway", I would like to take this opportunity to thank an amazing group of people without whom our show could never go ahead.

Thank you to all the brilliant parents who gave up their free time to supervise during rehearsals and the shows. Thanks also to all the parents who donated unbelievable raffle prizes to help pay for our rehearsals.

To our amazing crew: Alan John White on sound, Darren Kelleher on lights, Debbie Wash our amazing costume lady. Thank you Brandan Walsh and backstage crew, Cian Campbell, Gwen Doherty, Aida Doherty, Helen McHugh, Aisling Donnelly, Denise McAllister, Caroline McNally - for all your help backstage and with the children.

Thank you to Ian Rountree our stage manager. Thank you to Ratoath Community Centre for being so accommodating.

We are so lucky to have the most gifted, kind, patient and AMAZING teachers!!!! Thank you so much to our Drama teacher, Amanda Doherty and our Singing teacher Aisling Campbell. These two ladies are fab.

Aisling Toher
Addictedtodance 2023