Student Headshots

Headshots are usually scheduled in September - only €15 but booking is required. 

We will advise beforehand and you can contact Aisling to book your child's place.

From time to time casting agents contact us, looking for recommendations for actors, dancers or singers for movies, adverts or advertising shoots.  At Addictedtodance we organise headshots of students annually, so these are available when we feel there is a good fit for a student interested in going forward.  

Headshots are organised on occasion, so that students can avail of this service and have a photo on file for use if requested. They are also handy for our show programmes. 

Using headshots

Students receive a print and digital copy, which they can use for promotional activity of their own.

For students interested in pursuing parts, a professional headshot is an essential tool.

some of Our students
Atd Boys